ˮƵ's College Strathfield


Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) subjects aim to engage students in a diverse range of practical and theoretical activities that provide opportunities for them to solve simple and complex problems.

Using innovative and creative approaches, students are challenged to interpret real life scenarios and with the help of modelling and prototyping methodologies, solve problems presented by these scenarios.

Students develop critical thinking skills and learn about and use a variety of resources, materials, tools and techniques to solve problems and meet identified needs.

TAS utilises a variety of technologies to assist students. The timber workshops provide students with a variety of modern, industry-standard and well maintained machines, and 3D printers are used to prototype and produce a variety of models and components for projects. Students are exposed to and learn to make use of CAD, video editing and other industry standard software programs.

Our computing based courses provide students with the skills and experiences to navigate a technology based world. They are given opportunities to develop a sound understanding of current and emerging technologies so that they are equipped for further education and for life in the workforce in all industries, not only those traditionally considered to be technology based.


Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6
Year 7 Technology Year 9 Industrial Technology – Timber Year 11 VET Construction
Year 8 Technology Year 9 Industrial Technology – Engineering Year 11 Design and Technology
Year 9 Design and Technology Year 11 Industrial Technology -Timber
Year 9 Information & Software Technology Year 11 Engineering Studies
Year 10 Industrial Technology – Timber Year 11 Information Processes and Technology
Year 10 Industrial Technology – Engineering Year 11 Software Design and Development
Year 10 Design and Technology Year 11 VET Information Technology
Year 10 Information & Software Technology Year 12 VET Construction
Year 12 Design and Technology
Year 12 Industrial Technology
Year 12 Engineering Studies
Year 12 Information Processes and Technology
Year 12 Software Design and Development
Year 12 VET Information Technology


In 2015, the TAS faculty moved into the Crichton Building, a dedicated facility with purpose built workshops, design studios and open-plan areas. It was designed from the ground-up to be a dynamic, agile and engaging environment when collaboration and creativity are fostered.

Spaces and equipment include:

  • 3 x Timber / Engineering Workshops equipped with modern, industry-standard machinery
  • 2 x General purpose Junior Technology classrooms
  • 3 x Dedicated TAS computer labs including video editing and CAD facilities
  • Prototyping equipment including 3D printers and a laser cutter.

Students undertake various compulsory Work Health and Safety inductions and Safety Testing throughout all practical subjects to comply with legislative requirements.